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"Your set was my favorite of the Festival." fan at 2005 Columbus Jazz & Rib Fest

" of the most inventive groups ever to make music." Fritz The Niteowl, Short North Gazette

"The most important thing about this is that it swings. I don't get to hear a lot lately that swings. I hear lots of jazz that skronks and jags from place to place but very little that actually swings in a head-nodding, foot-tapping, enveloping fashion." The Aquarian Weekly

"Their musicianship is dead serious but there is a refreshing sense of wackiness in their work. This band has a bundle of energy." Option

"Honk, Wail and Moan feature the talents of six individuals all swinging out. The wonderful titles [of the originals] only hint at the creativity of the music. There is a definite pleasure in playing that comes from the musicians themselves, which manifests itself in continual energy." Home Theater technology

"Roundly entertaining, the creators of the bravest music this town has heard in years." The Columbus Dispatch

"Honk, Wail and Moan is more than just a cool and appropriate name for a jazz band. It's a group of musicians working together in a jazz format that steps outside the traditional and away from the cheesiness listeners may consider jazz. Sure, they do the big band, swing and and rag sounds of the likes of Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman and Louis Armstrong. But they also travel into the more experimental atmospheres of Sun Ra and Miles Davis. I even hear a little classical influence, via Stravinsky, Bernstein and Copland." Joel, Cringe Online
Joel's 1999 review of "Mailbox Above" CD at Rockabilly Central ( scroll to the bottom )

"I personally think your act is great."  Marque A. Rome, coordinator, Southern Thailand Jazz and Blues Festival

"Saturn Swings" Listing at AllMusic.Com

Honk Wail & Moan has performed at:
Southern Thailand Jazz and Blues Festival; Philedelphia Festival of World Cinema; Rhythm & Food Festival, Columbus; Jazz & Rib Festival, Columbus; Community Festival, Columbus; Greater Columbus Arts Festival; Cleveland Performance Art Festival; Avant Garage Film Festivals in Columbus & Cleveland; Living the Dream Theatre Columbus; Barley's Columbus; Barrister Hall Columbus; The Canopy Club Urbana IL; Clutch Cargo Detroit MI; Counterfeit Heist Columbus; Dick's Den Columbus; Little Brother's Columbus; Madison Theatre Peoria IL; Maxie's Rendezvous, Virginia Beach VA; Pierre's FT Wayne IN; Stache's Columbus; The Swing Lounge Cincinnati OH; ...

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