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Release: CD "Saturn Swings" (1998)
Label: Uffdamus Records
Review by: Fritz the Nite Owl Jazz
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If it's raunchy, good-time, jumpin', jivin' swing your body craves, let your CD-laser light shine on Saturn Swings, the latest from the creative minds, voices, and gear of Honk, Wail And Moan, one of the most inventive groups ever to make music.

Steve Perakis, Brian Casey, and Mark Greenwood provide the bass, trombone, and vocals, aided substantially by Erik Augis (piano), Kris Keith (tenor), Larry Marotta (guitar), Tim Perdue (trumpet), Jim Seitz (bari and tenor), and Lisa Clark (background vocals).

"Real Jazz, Real Swing for the 21st Century" describes this hard-driving collection that's equal parts swing, rickey-tickey, New Orleans Funeral, and "Hey Bob-A-Ree-Bop!"

Humor, sometimes as subtle as an anvil coming through a plate glass window, permeates the set in melody, lyric, instrumentation, and performance. Titles such as These Drinks Are Working, Don't You Methyl With My Ethyl, Rat Finks, and Scientists Discover Nightlife On Mars, give an idea of the mindset at work. Terrific musicianship and raucous vocals that invite you to sing along bring it all together as great jazz for listening, partying, and dancing.

If you don't find yourself tappin' your foot to this one, check your pulse, you may have died.

Reviewed by: Greg V.

Can Columbus really swing? I didn't think so until I happened upon the musical musings of Honk, Wail & Moan. Their CD "Saturn Swings" isn't only old school style, but it also pays homage to the late greats
Shout Out: Some of the songs could have used a females voice
Personal: Welcome to birdland, boyz, don't forget the old man.
File Under:Authentic old school swing and jazz

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